International Academy and Forum on Peace Mediation and Dialogue in North Africa

More than just a training… join the spirit !

International Academy and Forum on Peace Mediation and Dialogue in North Africa

Each year in Caux, Switzerland

“Tunisia: building a lasting peace”
5-9 July 2017
in Caux (Montreux), Switzerland
Tunisia building a lasting peace 
With experts from:
  • Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Human Security Division (TBC)
  • Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, DCAF
  • University of Lausanne
  • Drosos Foundation (TBC)
  • HDCentre
  • æ-Centre
  • and others
We are happy to celebrate with you the 10th year anniversary of the Summer Academy and Forum in Caux!
According to ae-Center’s new regional strategic orientation, this annual event will focus on North Africa and will allow developing a unique training, exchange and networking platform for current and future experts on the region.
The event puts emphasis on multidimensional peacebuilding challenges such as social and political transformation, good governance, democratization and conflict transformation. The event  also underlines the economic challenges North African countries are facing. It also aims at following up the ongoing effects of the so-called Arab spring which impacted Maghreb countries in very different ways. Despite parallel regional developments, each North African country indeed faces very particular challenges ranging from stability, to hampered democratization or authoritarianism up to civil war.
In addition to knowledge transfer and skills development, the event will also enable you to connect with peers and experts, to create networks and to further develop your own activities and projects in the field.
With the theme “Tunisia: building a lasting peace”, the International Summer Academy and Forum 2017 offers its participants a great opportunity for networking and in-depth understanding of the current situation and future challenges in Tunisia.
Tunisia experienced disruptive political transitions from the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century, the French ruling – considered as colonization by many – through the post-independence republic under which Tunisia was “one of the most modern but repressive countries in the Arab world.” , until the 2011 revolution. The so-called Jasmine revolution triggered great international interest for the country, often ignoring that civil resistance and political unrest were not new to the country, the bread riots in the 80’s and the Gafsa mining basin riots in 2008 being the most prominent ones. However, the political rupture in 2011 heralded a new era for the North African country where challenges and opportunities are evenly spread. Much more than being the end of a despotic regime, the departure of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011 was the beginning of a new Tunisia.
The summer academy and forum will explore various specialized areas within the peacebuilding and mediation field. Ranging from an overview regarding the current challenges and initiatives to ensure human security, the event will provide an in-depth understanding of security sector reform and governance as well as first-hand experiences regarding social and political mediation processes. Also, we will not forget the often unheard and provide an understanding of the situation of vulnerable groups. Reflections and observations about the unfinished revolution will complete the event. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to present their own works to their peers.


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