Looking out over Lake Geneva from an altitude of 1000 meters, the Caux centre can accommodate up to 450 people. Formerly the Caux-Palace Hotel, it became in 1946 an international meeting place, thanks to the generous contributions in time, talent and money of many volunteers.

Caux picture
Most bedrooms have a bathroom or shower and two beds. Bedrooms can be reached directly by phone; there is no radio or TV. There is an Internet room available for a small fee and some public parts of the building are equipped with a wireless internet access. In Caux, it can be quite chilly: you may want to bring some warm clothes. (Information from www.caux.iofc.org)

Community life
A special characteristic of the Caux conferences is the internal communal life. Participants are invited to join communities of between 12 and 20 people which are both interactive discussion groups and teams which participate in the practical tasks of the house.

How to get there
Participants arriving by plane will most probably arrive at Geneva International Airport. From there, there is a 2-hours journey to Caux by train. As the place is situated on the mountains, you first have to take a train that goes along the shoreline of Lake Geneva until Montreux and, second, you have to take a small train that goes up the hill to Caux. If you are coming from a different destination, just make sure you get to Montreux and change the train there. The train from Montreux to Caux only runs once an hour, so check the timetable to be sure you get it.
For more information on train connections and timetables check the website of the Swiss Railway Company.
Once you get to Caux, the Conference Center is situated just across the street. It is a huge castle-like hotel. You cannot miss it!
Just in case, here is the google map itinerary.
The æ-Centre team will be waiting for you in the lobby of the hotel, where you can directly meet us at your arrival.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are excluded from the participation fee. However, if you arrange accommodation for yourself in the Caux Palace, it is all inclusive.
The meals will be served at the conference centre at the following hours:
Breakfast: 08.00 – 08.45
Lunch: 12.30 – 13.30
Dinner: 18.30 – 19.30

Accommodation is not included in the participation fee. Participants can choose accommodation on site in the Caux Palace, where they are assigned a room upon arrival.Most bedrooms have a bathroom or shower and two beds, and participants may be asked to share rooms. Please indicate on the application form if you particularly require a single room. Conversely, participants can choose accommodation in Montreux (approximately 20 minutes by train between Montreux and Caux).
In order to book all inclusive accommodation in the Caux Palace, please register directly on https://application.caux.iofc.org/en/online_applications/new.
For alternative accommodation options in Montreux, please visit http://www.montreuxriviera.com/en/accommodation.