Learning Approach

Our interactive and participatory approach allows participants to fully absorb what they learn, and to connect it with their own activities and experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to gain first-hand insights from international and local experts during the lectures. Additionally, the Summer Academy and Forum is an excellent place to increase one’s personal and professional network in the cozy atmosphere of the Caux Palace Hotel.

In 2015, æ-Centre Summer Academy became a Summer Academy and Forum. As a consequence of this new learning approach, experts and lecturers on the one hand, and participants on the other hand, are considered equally valuable in their contributions and inputs on peacebuilding and mediation. Both experts’ and participants’ interventions allow the entire group to assemble more knowledge and develop more creative ideas. The benefits of this common-learning approach are invaluable.
The æ-Centre International Academy and Forum is an open, interactive forum. Particular attention is paid to the exchange between the speakers, experts and participants.
In order to perpetuate the group dynamics that takes place during the International Summer Academy and Forum and to keep alive this experts’ network, we strongly encourage participants to return in order to reinforce their expertise and network.